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Dessert Auction

 Dessert Auction   


Every year Deerfield UMC chooses a child who has a medical need and their family to be supported by a Dessert Auction. Last year we supported Baby Henry (his story is below). Thank you to everyone who generously donated not only financially, but with time, dessert donations and just spreading the word about the entire evening. Join us again next year as we find a new family to help support.


Here is a little background about sweet Henry:

Henry was diagnosed with PUV (posterior urethral valves) at 20 weeks in the womb. PUV creates a blockage that prevents urine from leaving the bladder which causes kidney damage. A side effect of the PUV is low amniotic fluid during the pregnancy. Amniotic fluid is critical to lung development. Although the doctors tried several procedures, Henry’s mom Elizabeth was admitted into Good Sam’s Hospital on bed rest at 32 weeks. He was delivered by C-section at 34 weeks and moved to Children’s Hospital NICU shortly after, where he stayed for his first 4 ½ months of life. The doctors evaluated Henry’s kidney function and determined that they do not work. At that point he was diagnosed with End Stage Renal disease.  He had surgery when he was 2 weeks old to have his dialysis catheter placed. He must have dialysis 10 hours daily to keep his body functioning properly. He also uses a feeding pump and is on continuous oxygen during the winter months. Henry needs a new kidney, but cannot receive one until he’s large enough to accept the donor kidney, around 2 years of age. Please help us support this sweet little boy and his family during this difficult time!